Where’s Finn?

So, I don’t tend to get a lot of email from readers. A couple with every book, maybe. I get more with cliffhanger endings, which I rarely do, because when I do get mail, it’s from readers who aren’t very happy about having to wait and find out what happens.

That’s what happened with Finn Steele’s book. I intended it to come out in 2020 after his brother Sawyer’s book. That’s why FROM SEDUCTION TO SECRETS ended with Finn’s plane crashing and him possibly being dead. Before I could start writing the next book, however, I got offered a slot in the Texas Cattleman’s Club series. I can’t turn that down, so that book took Finn’s spot and Finn’s story got bumped out to 2021.

I got SO. MUCH. MAIL. Where’s Finn’s story? When is it coming out? I don’t see it on Amazon. Yeah.

It was delayed while I wrote BILLIONAIRE BEHIND THE MASK. Then add me getting engaged, married, and throw in a pandemic for good measure and I’ve gotten a little behind. I am currently working on Finn’s book. I promise it is coming. As soon as I have a title and a release date, I will let everyone know.

Switched Up Giveaway!

I’m doing another of my Rafflecopter contests to celebrate the release of my first book in my new Switched! series. Enter on the homepage to win a collection of Charleston-themed goodies that include sterling silver earrings of the famous Rainbow Row gates! The contest runs until the August 1st release date of book two.


It’s here! June is here and that means that my new SWITCHED! series begins. An innocent DNA test is about to change everything for Jade Nolan. To find out more, grab your copy today. It’s currently available in all formats and platforms.

The only thing more dangerous than discovering her life is a lie? 

Falling for Harley Dalton again. 

Reeling from the discovery she was switched at birth, Jade Nolan reluctantly joins forces with her ex-lover, security specialist Harley Dalton, to find her birth family. As they search for answers amid lies, Jade and Harley quickly rekindle long-denied passions. But will finding out the truth—and a secret worth billions—jeopardize their precious second chance?


It’s October, although it hardly feels like fall outside in my neck of the woods. I know it’s officially here, though, because my latest book is on shelves. If you’ve been following along with the Millionaires of Manhattan series, you’ve likely been waiting for Harper’s story and here it is! It’s currently available in all formats and platforms, so grab your copy today and get to the bottom of Harper’s big secret.

The Boyfriend Arrangement

Fake it until you make it… to the altar?

Instead of attending yet another friend’s wedding alone, Harper Drake asks Sebastian West—sexy, available and not a total stranger—to pose as her adoring boyfriend. With sparks flying, a little faux affection could be fun, and no one, especially Harper’s ex, will guess the truth. Except things get very hot very fast, for real… And then a blackmailer’s threats force them to reveal all their secrets!


It’s Release Day for RAGS TO RICHES BABY! If you pre-ordered it digitally, it should be on your e-reader right now. If you enjoy a paper copy, it will be hitting shelves on Tuesday the 6th. If you read LITTLE SECRETS: SECRETLY PREGNANT, you met Emma and her circle of friends. This time, Lucy takes center stage, tangling with Harper’s sexy and suspicious older brother Oliver. You don’t want to miss out on this story.

R2RB smallestThe woman he can never trust is having his baby…

When Lucy Campbell inherits a multimillion-dollar Manhattan estate, her employer’s nephew sees only a gold-digging scammer. But even with battle lines drawn, CEO Oliver Drake can’t resist the temptation of bedding the very woman he’s trying to expose! Then Lucy delivers her shocking baby news. Does she genuinely desire a future together? Or is it another ploy that could destroy Oliver’s trust forever?

Stuff Your Stocking Contest

It’s Christmastime, and that means that all the good little boys and girls are waiting for Santa to stuff their stocking. But what if you’re a grownup? Or maybe you just haven’t been that good this year? Here’s your chance to get your stocking filled by Jolly Ol’ Andi Claus!

This year, I’m giving away three of my Christmas titles – JINGLE SPELLS, A WHITE WEDDING CHRISTMAS, and THE BABY PROPOSAL. I’m also including a snowflake dish, a sparkly gold pillar candle, Scotty Dog shortbread cookies, and Lindor Truffles all in a bejeweled gold stocking.


To enter to win, check out the Rafflecopter giveaway here: http://gvwy.io/uui4iy6


It’s time to travel back to Hawaii for the second book in my Hawaiian Nights series. In book one, we met hotelier Manu Bennett at his resort on Oahu. In book two, we hop to Maui where Manu’s brother Kal Bennett has built his dream resort. That’s also where his dream woman and best friend, Lana Hale, helps choreograph his luaus. She’s got a big favor to ask of Kal and there’s no way he can say no to this kind of proposal!



I’m very excited because today, the first of my two books set in Hawaii is hitting the shelves. THE PREGNANCY PROPOSITION takes place on the island of Oahu, featuring the handsome and lonely Manu and the plain and pregnant Paige. They’re a perfect match and I had so much fun bringing them together in such a romantic, tropical location. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Release Day – Saying Yes to the Boss

July is here and that means it’s time for a new Desire Dynasty! The Newports Dynasty is kicked off by yours truly with Saying Yes to the Boss. I was lucky enough to land the story with the youngest brother Carson and his fiery PR Director Georgia. These two were a lot of fun to write and I enjoyed leaving some breadcrumbs for the story to come. Be sure to catch this, and the other five titles in the series!

#1 Saying Yes to the Boss by Me
#2 An Heir for the Billionaire by Kat Cantrell
#3 Claimed by the Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson
#4 His Secret Baby Bombshell by Jules Bennett
#5 Back in the Enemy’s Bed by Michelle Celmer
#6 The Texan’s One Night Standoff by Charlene Sands

Saying Yes to the Boss

Saying Yes to the Boss