Celebrating the Season

Joy Lane came to Rosewood three years ago to get away from it all. Working at Woody’s Bar has helped her build a new life with the kind of people who don’t hold her status as a waitress against her. She was doing well enough until one night when her past came back with a vengeance – in the form of her ex, Charlie.

Charlie Montgomery was born and raised in Atlanta, but his family’s roots lie in Rosewood with the Chamberlain family. When Emmett and Maddie throw a holiday engagement party, his whole family comes into Rosewood to celebrate with their cousins. He never expected to run into his ex serving appetizers.

Christmas is a time for forgiveness, and Charlie is ready to put the past behind them in favor of a fun few days together before he leaves town. A short fling with her ex isn’t the worst idea Joy’s ever had, but when faced with the reason she ran the first time, it will be hard for them to celebrate the season


Rakuten Kobo