Welcome to the website of author Andrea Laurence. Andrea is an award-winning author of contemporary romances filled with seduction and sass. In addition to working full-time and caring for her pair of spoiled golden retrievers, Andrea is currently working on her thirty-eighth title!


So… I have to start by apologizing. This site is very out of date. It wasn’t. I did update it for my 2021 release, PROMISES FROM A PLAYBOY, and then my site got hacked. First, clicking on my site on any web browser would send you to a site to buy viagra, of all things. Then, they installed malware on my site. It took a while, but I finally got it worked out. Or I thought I did. What I didn’t know was that when they restored my website, it reverted back to the version before all the updates. It took longer than it should have to notice and I feel terrible.

So, once more with feeling, for those of you that were waiting for Finn Steele’s story, PROMISES FROM A PLAYBOY, Switched! book 4, was released in August 2021! I received so many emails and messages about Finn’s book and when it was coming out. If you haven’t tracked it down yet, now you can look for it at digital book retailers.