This Army Wants You!

Street Team Logo (large)No, not THAT army – Andrea’s Army of Awesomeness! We’ve got some purple camouflage with your name on it.

AAoA is my street team. The idea is for my fans to help me spread the word about my books and in return, I reward you with sneak peeks, exclusives, prizes, swag and books. To encourage participation and give you the opportunity to get as many goodies as you’re willing to earn, I use a point and rank system that sort of combines the concept of the military hierarchy with prize tickets from Chuck E. Cheese.

As soldiers earn points, they move up in rank and earn prizes. Everyone starts out as a Private. Once you reach the rank of Private First Class, you’ll earn your official AAoA pin. From there, it’s up to you how high you climb – win books, gift cards, pizza parties…even a Kindle Fire!

Activity Points Value
Post a review on Amazon 10
Blog about a book 10
Host me as a guest blogger 15
Retweet or share a post relating to my books or appearance 5
Post about me or my books on your FB or Twitter account 5
Take trading cards/bookmarks to your library 10
Pre-order a book 10
Complete a requested task on the loop (click a link, etc.) 10
Recruit a new (active) member 20
Post the Army Logo to your blog or website and link to my   webpage 10

But, prizes and points aside, this is first and foremost about the love of books and romance. Unlike the real army, you can leave at any time, but I hope you enjoy being a part of the group.

Are you interested in enlisting? Email me on the contact page or send me a friend request on Facebook.

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