Where’s Finn?

So, I don’t tend to get a lot of email from readers. A couple with every book, maybe. I get more with cliffhanger endings, which I rarely do, because when I do get mail, it’s from readers who aren’t very happy about having to wait and find out what happens.

That’s what happened with Finn Steele’s book. I intended it to come out in 2020 after his brother Sawyer’s book. That’s why FROM SEDUCTION TO SECRETS ended with Finn’s plane crashing and him possibly being dead. Before I could start writing the next book, however, I got offered a slot in the Texas Cattleman’s Club series. I can’t turn that down, so that book took Finn’s spot and Finn’s story got bumped out to 2021.

I got SO. MUCH. MAIL. Where’s Finn’s story? When is it coming out? I don’t see it on Amazon. Yeah.

It was delayed while I wrote BILLIONAIRE BEHIND THE MASK. Then add me getting engaged, married, and throw in a pandemic for good measure and I’ve gotten a little behind. I am currently working on Finn’s book. I promise it is coming. As soon as I have a title and a release date, I will let everyone know.

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