Release Day – Heir to Scandal

Heir to ScandalSeptember has arrived and that means that HEIR TO SCANDAL, the third book in the Secrets of Eden mini-series, has finally arrived on shelves and e-readers. I know you all have been waiting for this book. I’ve got the mail to prove it. Well, the long wait is over and Xander’s story is finally here.

At the end of A BEAUTY UNCOVERED, Brody gets a phone call on Christmas Eve informing him that human remains have been uncovered on the property that was sold before book 1, UNDENIABLE DEMANDS. They’d all hoped that the body would never be found, but it has finally happened. The story picks up with Xander, returning to the farm later that summer as the police get ready to turn the heat up on the Garden of Eden residents.

HEIR TO SCANDAL is available at all the usual venues. Pick up your copy now and be ready for the fourth and final book, HER SECRET HUSBAND, which comes out October 1st! All will be revealed at last and I hope you’re surprised with how it all turns out!

4 thoughts on “Release Day – Heir to Scandal

  1. I have just finished reading “Heir To Scandal”
    and enjoyed the book but when I came to the end? There was no end. Is this going to be continued in “Her Secret Husband?

    • Hi, Greta. I know it was a mean thing to do, but the mystery storyline (which includes what happened to Ken) will be resolved in Her Secret Husband. The subplot of the series carries through all the books, while each couple gets their happy ending within their story. Since I knew the next book was coming out right after, I left a bigger cliffhanger than usual. That book will be out in October, so not too much longer! Thanks for writing!

  2. I’ve already read a few reviews on Amazon about the final book and know it’s going to be great. I know the book isn’t out yet but will all four books will be made into a compilation? Or will the first book of the series have a new reprinted cover? I know it’s not a big deal but I’m a bit bothered by the covers not having the same designs and would very much like to purchase a compilation of this series.

    • Actually, Eliza, book 4 comes out in print today and was released digitally last week, so your wait is over. I’m not sure about a complication, but there may be a digital boxed set in the future. There’s been talks, but nothing firm. When they do, I doubt they will go to the trouble of redoing the first cover. I know – it bothers me too that the covers don’t match, but there’s not much I can do about that. I just have to be happy with an awesome series I’m proud of. Hope you enjoy it!

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